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Dental Bonding

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What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding is a quick cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the look of your entire smile. Using a putty-like composite resin material, we will be able to build upon front teeth that have chipped or broken, or teeth that have gaps and spaces between them. Most bonding will last for 10 or more years with the proper care and daily oral hygiene. The procedure is done quickly in our office, and little to no anesthetic is needed.

Why is Dental Bonding needed?

Dental bonding can correct a number of smile-related problems. If you’ve chipped or slightly broken a front tooth, bonding can be used to build up these areas so that the teeth look full again. For patients with large spaces and gaps between their teeth, bonding can fill in these areas without the use of orthodontic treatment. Bonding is ideal for most patients wanting a quick solution to their smile problems.

What Is Dental Bonding
Why Is Dental Bonding Needed

What makes someone a good candidate for Dental Bonding?

Most of our patients who need or want bonding can safely have the procedure done in our office. To determine if bonding is right for you, we will examine your teeth and look for chips, cracks, breaks and spaces. If you have older bonding material, it may need to be replaced as it shows signs of wear or damage. Bonding is one of the quickest and most profound cosmetic procedures available today.

What happens during the Dental Bonding procedure?

The bonding procedure will begin by slightly buffing the tooth to roughen the surface. We then apply a bonding gel so that the material adheres more securely to the tooth itself. Composite resin is then matched to the color of your existing smile. The material is placed over the tooth and shaped so that it looks completely natural. The resin is cured with a special light so that it hardens in place. In order to keep your bonding looking its best, remember to floss between the teeth and brush the area as you would your natural teeth.

If you think you might benefit from dental bonding, call our office today so that one of our helpful staff members can further assist you.