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Entrust Your Child’s Dental Health to the Best Dentist in Bedford

Bedford, Texas – Prioritize your child’s dental health today and it will help guarantee a lifetime of smiles. But you’ll need to entrust such a sensitive matter to a true dental health specialist. And who better to entrust it to than the best dentist in the city – Dr. Manish Patel of Floss and Gloss

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How Can Poor Oral Health Affect the Rest of the Body?

Oral health is extremely important for many reasons. If patients suffer from gum disease, cavities, or bad breath this can cause issues with your teeth and mouth. Our mouths are a pathway for bacteria to enter the body. The bacteria are able to enter the blood stream, and this can also cause infection or inflammation

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Feature Image 3 Dental Implants

Is it Better to Get A Dental Implant or a Bridge?

When deciding on a restorative solution it is important to look at all of your options to help you decide on the best option that works for you. A common question patients face is if they should choose a dental bridge or dental implants when they are looking for a tooth replacement solution. Both are

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When Should a Person Switch Dentists?

Switching dentists can be a hard decision, but patients need to make a change if they notice things aren’t working out with the current practice. Knowing when to make the move can be hard, but there are some tips you can follow to help you find your new dental office or dental clinic in the

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How Often do Dental Implants Need to Be Replaced?

If you have been recommended for dental implants, you may wonder if they will ever have to be replaced. Implants are a permanent restorative solution for patients seeking that perfect smile. Dental implants look and feel natural in the mouth, and last upwards of 25 years if they are cared for properly. At Floss &

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Feature Image 2 Veneers

What is the Difference Between Dental Implants & Veneers?

Dental Veneers and Dental Implants both can give patients a beautiful white smile. Deciding what restorative or cosmetic option works best for you depends on the condition of your teeth. Our staff at Floss & Gloss Dental in Bedford, TX provides cosmetic and restorative consultations to all our patients to take a detailed look at your

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Symptoms Of Gums Pain. A Man With A Worried Face Is Holding His Hand On His Cheek Because Of Irritating Pain In Front Of A Dentist Who Is Going To Give A Patient A Treatment.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can affect anyone at any time. Emergencies can cause severe pain, distress and frustration regarding your dental and oral health. If left untreated, an emergency can become an even more insidious problem, requiring additional work and even surgery.

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Young Braces

Orthodontics In Children, When Is It Necessary And What Should We Know?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry which is based on diagnosing, treating and preventing dental malpositions and maxillary malocclusions. In addition, orthodontics in children can diagnose a whole series of problems that can occur during growth, both at the bone level and dental replacement. During the development of the child there are a series of changes which can favor to cure or prevent some malocclusions in advanced ages and can also be treated quickly and easily.

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Man Touching Sore Gum

Why Do Teeth Experience Gum Infections?

It is common to see the third molars being the focus of an infection, whether visible or not.
• Wisdom teeth are more likely to become infected when they come out partially (semi-included) or completely in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene allowing the accumulation of dental plaque is an important cause of infection in the wisdom teeth region. The formation of tooth decay also contributes to the spread of infection in the tooth and its environment.

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