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Gingival Incision & Excision

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What are Gingival Incision & Excision?

At Floss N Gloss Dental, we are focused on not just bringing back your smile but also improving it. After all, the smile that you flash to the world is a direct reflection of what you’re feeling inside. It’s a direct translation of your feelings and your personality and how you connect to anyone and everyone around you.

But our comprehensive list of services goes beyond giving our patients the kind of great smile that they deserve. There are also services that delve into the surgical side of dental health, which might be required in some dental emergency cases, and more. 

We also offer those services, as our team is skilled and experienced to provide them to our patients. Led by Dr. Manish Patel – the best dentist in Bedford, Texas – our team is ready and capable of expertly providing those services if they are part of our patients’ dental goals or needs.

Floss N Gloss Dental
Floss N Gloss Dental

What is Gingival Incision and Excision?

Gingival incision and excision are two types of procedures that figure prominently in our line-up of services. These two procedures are used in most of the dental surgeries performed by dental health providers and that includes Floss N Gloss. 

Both incision and excision are considered to be specialized skills that are used by no less than surgeons. However, those two procedures are also widely used in the field of dentistry, especially when it comes to oral or dental surgery.

Incision is defined as a deliberate cut that is performed in the tissue of the body. It is actually a very common procedure in dental health treatment and can be done either through mechanical or thermal procedures. In fact, every surgical intervention starts with an incision of the tissue linings. There are several different types of incisions in oral and dental surgery, of which gingival incision is one.

Excision, on the other hand, is different because it involves taking tissue out. Some examples of excision include a biopsy as well as the removal of the appendix. Another example of gingival excision is gingivectomy, which is usually performed for the removal of a diseased wall of a periodontal pocket. 

Gingival incision and excision both play roles in some of the major dental services that we offer at Floss N Gloss Dental. If you have any dental health needs – be it a smile-makeover or something more serious – then please contact us right now and our team of skilled and friendly experts will schedule your appointment.

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