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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment

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What is Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep-related disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. The condition is marked by loud snoring throughout the night and constant pauses in a patient’s breathing. These short cessations in breathing cause the patient to wake up throughout the night, preventing them from getting deep, restful sleep. We offer treatment using a safe and comfortable oral device that works to keep the upper airway open, making it easier to breathe while you sleep while preventing loud snoring.

Why would Sleep Apnea Treatment be needed?

If you fail to treat sleep apnea, the effects of the condition can take over your daily life. Because you’re waking up all night just to catch your breath, you may be too tired to work or spend time with family throughout the day. In severe cases, you may be too exhausted to drive throughout the day, making it difficult for you to get to where you need to go. Sleep apnea can even be disruptive to your loved ones, since the loud snoring can keep the whole family awake.

What Is Sleep Apnea Treatment
Why Would Sleep Apnea Treatment Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea are often the best candidates for our type of treatment. If you have severe sleep apnea, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor about wearing a CPAP machine. However, if you have mild sleep apnea, simply wearing an oral device that keeps the upper airway open is sufficient enough to treat the condition. The device is easy to wear, flexible and made specifically for your mouth.

What happens during Sleep Apnea Treatment?

We will start by taking impressions of your teeth, mouth and gums. These molds are then used to craft a custom made sleep apnea oral device. You’ll wear the device each night to benefit from the effects of its use. The device should be durable enough to last for many years, and it can be replaced easily as it shows signs of wear. In order for the device to work properly, it has to be worn nightly or whenever you go to sleep. While it may take a few days to get used to wearing the device, it will be an effective and helpful way to treat sleep apnea.

If you would like to come into our office for treatment of sleep apnea, call us today to speak with one of our helpful staff members.