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Hemostasis & Coagulation

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What are Hemostasis & Coagulation?

Floss N Gloss Dental is fully committed to helping you attain all of your dental needs and goals. Our team is here to help you have your best smile ever as you aim to become a better version of yourself with the help of your upgraded smile!

We are able to do that through the help of the most advanced dental technology, the best and safest dental materials, and the skills and expertise of our team. This is why we offer the best and most comprehensive dental services in Bedford, Texas as well as the surrounding areas.

With our team’s expertise, led by Dr. Manish and Nilam Patel, we are able to make every visit to our office a fun and family-friendly event. However, there are aspects to our services that require the utmost care and knowledge in order to be performed safely and successfully. That’s when our patients can depend on us the most as we prioritize their health and safety.

One aspect of our dental services where the utmost care and attention is required involves what’s known as hemostasis and coagulation.

Floss N Gloss Dental
Floss N Gloss Dental

About Hemostasis & Coagulation

Let’s look at a brief overview of hemostasis and coagulation. How do the two relate to one another and what are their differences?


Hemostasis is a natural process that is activated in order to stop excessive bleeding after an injury has occurred. As a natural process, it is considered to be the first stage of a wound’s healing process. Hemostasis is able to arrest the bleeding in the blood vessel through a combination of platelet, plasma, and vascular factors. This process is able to keep blood in a liquid state under certain physiological conditions.


Coagulation, on the other hand, is actually the last or the last stage in hemostasis. This is considered to be an important process. An injured or cut blood vessel could easily lead to shock or death due to excessive blood loss. It can be prevented through blood coagulation or blood clotting, which is achieved by converting specific elements in the blood into gel-like substances at the site of the injury.

Hemostasis and Coagulation After Dental Surgery

As we mentioned above, dental surgery is a prominent part of our services. It includes everything from the simplest tooth extractions, bone grafting, dental implant installations, sleep apnea treatment, and more.

The prominent part played by dental surgery in our services means that we often cope with bleeding. And we definitely encounter uncontrolled hemorrhage a lot in the various treatments and procedures that we perform.

However, this can be considered a serious emergency situation, particularly if the bleeding is quite strong. If this occurs right after a surgical procedure, then it requires immediate and appropriate action to control the bleeding. It could prove dangerous and can even lead to mortality if not handled properly.

A very thorough understanding of hemostasis and coagulation is required to control the bleeding and minimize the risks. Our team at Floss N Gloss are not just well-versed in handling such cases but are actual experts who can take care of the situation.

If you want to know more about our dental services or are in need of a smile makeover, simply call us today so we can schedule an appointment. Our professional and friendly staff will take care of you and ensure your smile is better than ever!

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