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Wisdom Teeth Removal

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What is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth typically begin to show up on dental x-rays around the time a person is about 18 to 20 years old. If the wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to come up through the gums, they become impacted and must be removed. Wisdom teeth removal is an easy and effective procedure that helps to prevent future oral health problems. Regardless of your age, having these third molars removed is an important part of keeping your smile looking and feeling its best.

Why is Wisdom Teeth Removal needed?

The reason you might need to have your wisdom teeth removed is because your mouth doesn’t have enough room for them to come up through the gums on their own. Over time, the wisdom teeth can become painful, infected and even damage surrounding teeth. You may find that your surrounding teeth begin to shift and become crowded in an attempt to allow the wisdom teeth to come up. To prevent all of these problems from occurring, removal is a necessary procedure.

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Needed
What Is Wisdom Teeth Removal

Who is a candidate for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The best way for us to spot wisdom teeth is on a panoramic x-ray. This type of x-ray gives us a clear view of your entire mouth. We can see if you have impacted wisdom teeth and their exact positioning. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, it’s a good idea to have them removed as soon as possible to prevent future oral health problems.

What happens during the Wisdom Teeth Removal process?

We first numb the area of your mouth where the wisdom teeth will be removed. We offer sedation options to calm and relax you further during oral surgery. We then make an incision through the gums and extract the underlying wisdom tooth. Sutures are placed to close up the gums and promote even, quick healing. The process is repeated for any other wisdom teeth present in the mouth. You can expect some slight swelling and pain for the first few days following surgery, but this will subside in one to two weeks so long as you’re following all post-operative instructions.

If you think you might need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, call us today to speak with one of our highly trained staff members.