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Tooth Extraction

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What is Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction involves fully removing one or more of your natural teeth. Extractions are always done to improve your dental health and prevent future oral health problems. While we aim to preserve and save as many natural teeth as possible, there may come a time when the best option is to simply remove a tooth. We are able to do a variety of different extractions in our office in a comfortable, safe manner.

Why would a Tooth Extraction be needed?

There are a variety of reasons for needing a complete extraction. In some cases, our patients request that a tooth be removed to prevent the need for other, more invasive procedures. Some of the reasons you may need an extraction include:

  • A tooth has broken or cracked far below the gum line
  • A wisdom tooth is impacted
  • A tooth is loose or severely decayed
  • A baby tooth isn’t falling out on its own
  • You have advanced gum disease and need extractions done prior to having dentures placed
What Is Tooth Extraction
Why Would A Tooth Extraction Be Needed

Who is a candidate for a Tooth Extraction?

To determine if an extraction is needed, we will examine your teeth and create a personalized treatment plan. We work to preserve damaged teeth as much as possible, and once removed, we can help in replacing the missing teeth if needed. If you need to have a tooth removed, it is often best to have the extraction procedure done as soon as possible. This prevents further damage to your oral and dental health as a result of leaving the tooth in place.

What happens during the Tooth Extraction procedure?

The procedure begins with anesthetic that is used to numb one area of the mouth. We then use special dental instruments to loosen and then lift the compromised tooth. Sutures can be placed to close the gums, but they aren’t necessary for all extractions. You will bite down on gauze to stop any bleeding before leaving the office. We provide you with important care instructions that must be followed to prevent any post-operative complications. If needed, we can work on replacing the missing tooth once the area has been given time to heal.

If you would like to learn more about extractions, call us today so that we can further answer your questions regarding the procedure.