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Dental Bridges: The Perfect Dental Care Solution for Missing Teeth

As we age, the most dreadful concern after wrinkly skin is losing teeth! How could anyone imagine a life where there’s no fun eating, chewing, swallowing, and enjoying food. But, this is the reality people with missing teeth have to face. Not just that, loss of teeth and visible gaps strongly impact one’s confidence. But, it’s time to pack your worries and dump them aside. Dental bridges are here to rescue you.

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This article is going to tell you everything necessary about dental bridges, a sure-shot solution to overcome tooth loss. Dental bridges are tools for tooth replacement, filling up the missing space, and restoring the jaw and facial structure. Let’s read further.

What are Dental Bridges?

The best restorative solution for people with missing teeth is a dental bridge. A dental bridge refers to a structure that is a permanent solution to artificially replace lost or missing teeth with a prosthetic crown that is anchored around healthy teeth. The components of a dental bridge are joined together and fused into the gum surgically to fill the space perfectly. Dental bridges can be considered as an alternate option to partial dentures. Dental bridges make your life a lot easier. With dental bridges in place, a person can eat and speak properly.

Dental bridges are of various types. It depends on the base material being used such as alloys, porcelain, or even gold. The most used material is porcelain as it blends in well with the natural shade of the teeth.

Various Types of Dental Bridges:

  1. Fixed dental bridge-The most common type of traditional dental bridge with a crown.
  2. Implant-supported bridge- This type of bridge requires surgical implant into the jawbone and the pontics are fixed later.
  3. Maryland or resin-bonded dental bridge- Mostly used bridge for filling up front teeth. The framework is usually made of either porcelain or metal.
  4. Cantilever bridge- Such type of bridge consists of the pontic(s) which are anchored by a single crown on the natural tooth beside the gap which needs to be filled. However, they are no longer in use as modern dental care procedures.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

  • Restores the ability to chew food
  • Restores smile
  • Restores natural facial structure by saving the jaw bone
  • Prevents misalignment of teeth and related problems
  • Enhances pronunciation while speaking

How long do dental bridges last?

It is to be noted that dental bridges are not supposed to last for a lifetime. They are called a permanent solution as they may last around 5-7 years and cannot be removed like dentures. One can extend the life of a dental bridge with proper dental care at home and from a professional dental office simultaneously. 


Dental problems are, no doubt, an unavoidable aspect of one’s life. But, it is possible to avoid a lot of issues with proper care and treatment. One such dental care is opting for dental bridges for missing teeth. Teeth act as a crucial factor in defining how one speaks. Dental bridges completely resolve such problems where a patient is not able to form words properly due to tooth loss.

To maintain dental health, it is crucial to book regular appointments at the dental office for check-ups and treatments. If you decide to go for dental bridges it is highly suggested that you get it done by the hands of a trained professional dentist for better aesthetics and comfort.

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