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Entrust Your Child’s Dental Health to the Best Dentist in Bedford

Bedford, Texas – Prioritize your child’s dental health today and it will help guarantee a lifetime of smiles. But you’ll need to entrust such a sensitive matter to a true dental health specialist. And who better to entrust it to than the best dentist in the city – Dr. Manish Patel of Floss and Gloss Dental!

Floss and Gloss Dental is one of the leading dental clinics in the city of Bedford, Texas. The clinic offers what is perhaps one of the most comprehensive lists of dental services available to the residents of the city. This allows them to serve the residents as well as those from surrounding areas who have any kind of dental health needs.

Dentist in Bedford TX
Dentist in Bedford TX

One of the main services offered by Floss and Gloss Dental is children’s dentistry. They understand how important it is to prioritize the dental health and care of children. After all, it can impact their life for years to come. So they need to receive the highest quality dental care as early as possible. 

Why Choose Floss and Gloss Dental

Floss and Gloss Dental are able to provide comprehensive dental care for both children and teens of all ages. They offer what is called preventive care that will keep children’s teeth healthy. And while preventive care actually starts at home with educating children about proper brushing and flossing, making regular visits to the dentist is also a part of it.

Aside from children’s dentistry, they also have the treatment of dental emergencies as one of their main services as dentist in bedford tx. Such cases can and will occur anytime and anywhere and can be quite a painful experience. Floss and Gloss are experts in providing immediate treatment for those emergencies and caring for their patients’ dental health onwards.

About Floss and Gloss Dental

Floss and Gloss Dental is one of the top dental clinics in the city of Bedford, Texas. Their success can be attributed to their highly competent team, led by Dr. Manish Patel and Dr. Nilam Patel. 

Floss and Gloss Dental Services
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • General Dentistry
  • Orthodontics

Dr. Nilam Patel is regarded as the best dentist in the city of Bedford, a fact that is known to most of the city’s residents. Known not just for his outstanding dental services, but also for his compassion and kindness for people. His patients can immediately see that Dr. Patel has a genuine concern for them. And that just makes the experience a very good one regardless of the reason for their visit to the clinic.

Dr. Milash Patel is also a top dentist and a major part of what makes Floss and Gloss Dental a top Dentist Bedford TX. She is capable and enjoys every type of dental work although she truly loves providing dental care to children. She is the reason why the children’s dental care of the clinic is one of the best, if not the best, in the city and surrounding areas.

Schedule an appointment with Floss and Gloss Dental to enjoy and experience the best dental care services not just in Bedford but surrounding cities as well. Simply request an appointment through their website or call their office to set-up a schedule that best suits you.

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