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Trust Only the Best Dentist in Bedford, TX to Handle Your Dental Emergencies – Floss and Gloss Dental!

Bedford, Texas – A dental emergency isn’t going to give you the luxury of a  warning. It will strike at any time and any place and leave you hurting and almost helpless. And even the best oral care isn’t a guarantee that it’s not going to affect you. So if a dental emergency is so serious, then you should only let the best dentist handle it. And if you’re from Bedford, Texas that’s none other than Floss and Gloss Dental!

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Floss and Gloss Dental is considered to be one of the leading dental clinics in Bedford, Texas. Their dedication to helping all of their patients achieve a better smile is one of the reasons why they’re one of the best. The fact that they offer one of the most comprehensive lists of dental services is another. Then there’s also their customer care which is reflected in the exceptional way that they treat their patients.

The very nature of dental emergencies means that they should be taken seriously and treated immediately. It can cause more than just discomfort but potentially lasting dental health damage. The problems that can result from it could plague you for the rest of your life if it’s not addressed right away and in the right way. 

There are several types of dental emergencies. Floss and Gloss Dental have seen it all and they’re capable of treating both major and minor dental emergencies. The following are some of the most common dental emergencies that the clinic sees and treats on a regular basis:

  • Pain and Severe Toothache
  • Infections and Abscessing
  • Broken or Cracked Teeth
  • Loose, Broken, or Lost Restorations (Fillings, Crowns, etc.)
  • Orthodontic-related Emergencies
  • Lost or Broken Prosthetic Appliances (Dentures, Partials)

About Floss and Gloss Dental – Floss and Gloss Dental is one of the leading dental clinics in Bedford, Texas. They achieved that distinction through the efforts of their highly skilled and experienced staff. The clinic’s team is led by Dr. Manish Patel, who is known as the best dentist in the city. To get a good idea of how they earned the trust of their patients, it’s important to meet the members of the team:

Dr. Manish Patel, DDS

Dr. Manish Patel is known as much for his kindness and compassion as he is known for his abilities as a dentist. It’s his innate ability to connect with his patients that is perhaps why he is generally considered to be Bedford’s best dentist. He always tries to go out of his way to genuinely know his patients and understand their specific needs. Getting to know them better allows him to treat them better.

Dr. Nilam Patel, DDS

Dr. Nilam Patel also contributes much to the success that Floss and Gloss Dental has attained. She is also very accomplished and skilled in all aspects of dental work. However, what she enjoys the most is working with children and helping them with their dental health needs. Dr. Patel aims to provide the best dental care in their community. Along with that is the desire to also grow with the community.

To start enjoying the excellent dental services of Floss and Gloss Dental – with dental emergencies at the top – contact them now to schedule your appointment.

Orthodontics From Floss and Gloss is The Key to Your Upgraded Smile

Bedford, Texas – One of the best ways to upgrade your smile is through orthodontic treatment. Not only will it improve its look it will also help with its alignment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a case of crooked, crowded, spaced, or even misaligned teeth. Orthodontics is the key and if you’re from Bedford, then you should get it from the best dentist in town – Floss and Gloss Dental!

floss n gloss dental bedford tx dentist

Floss and Floss Dental is regarded as the best dental clinic in Bedford, Texas. They were able to build this reputation through a combination of factors. One is the comprehensive list of dental services that they offer. Another is the exceptional quality of the services provided by their dental staff. And last is the genuine connection that they are capable of forming with each and every patient that walks into their clinic.

Orthodontics is an important aspect of dentistry and not just because it helps upgrade your smile. It also helps fix and improve other areas of a person’s dental health. For example, it helps in correcting crooked teeth. Most of us know that crooked teeth are known for causing quite a number of problems and complications.

As far as orthodontic treatment goes, those who do not have perfectly-aligned teeth can benefit from it. However, the clinic will still need to conduct an examination of your teeth to see if it’s the right treatment for you. And if it is, then get ready to improve and upgrade your smile. 

About Floss and Gloss Dental – Floss and Gloss Dental is considered the number one dental clinic in Bedford, Texas by residents of the city. It’s a reputation that’s backed up by their very experienced and highly skilled staff – which is led by none other than the best dentist in the city, Dr. Manish Patel! To get a better understanding of what makes their clinic the best, it would be best for you to meet the team!

Dr. Manish Patel, DDS

Dr. Manish Patel is known as the best not just because of his skills as a dentist, but more so because of his ability to connect with his patients. He is beloved for his genuine kindness, compassion, and concern as much as he is respected for his abilities for providing exceptional dental health care. Dr. Patel has an innate ability to truly get to know his patients on a personal level. That allows him to get to his patients and eventually treat them like no one else can.

Dr. Nilam Patel, DDS

Dr. Nilam Patel is an equally important member of the team and contributes just as much to its success. She is very skilled in all kinds of dental work although she truly enjoys working with children the most. One of her main goals is to be able to provide the best possible dental care in their community. And not just that but to also grow the community.

In order to start benefiting from all the wonderful dental services of Floss and Gloss Dental – and Orthodontics in particular – call them now to schedule an appointment.